The Mint Medical Case Library presents cases through live presentation/discussion, recorded over-reads, and quiz-based review and interpretation.

A 6-week Patient Case Review by Dr. Tony Filly in the Mint Medical Education Case Library

OBGYN Ultrasound Training and Education

Introduction to OBGYN Ultrasound Online

  • Introduction to OB Ultrasound
  • The Basics of Image Orientation
  • Demystifying the Second Trimester Scan
  • First Trimester Screening Ultrasound

Vascular Ultrasound Training and Education

Vascular Interpretation Preceptorship Online Activity

VIP – Ultrasound Case Review

  • Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation Course
  • Vascular Case Study Review System
  • Carotid Module – Select Case Study Review

Point of Care Ultrasound Training and Education

Our Online Education Courses are Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!

  • Introduction to Ultrasound for Point of Care
  • Conducting the Fast Exam
  • Ultrasound for Needle Guidance