Course Summary

This course provides an in depth evaluation of the 2nd trimester gestation. We will lecture on the complete anatomy scan including biometry, soft markers, and heart views. We will review twin pregnancy and chorionicity. Doppler evaluation and interpretation of the umbilical artery and middle cerebral artery will be included. Lecture will conclude with a review of the biophysical profile exam, cervical length, and placenta. Hands on assisted instruction will solidify concepts learned in lecture.
This Course is intended for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, Physician Assistants, and Sonographers.

CME Credits

SDMS credits are available for this course.  The number of credits is dependent on the training curriculum.

Course Objectives

  • Perform a 2nd trimester anatomy scan
  • Accurately measure the BPD, HC, AC, and FL
  • Identify soft markers for aneuploidy
  • Acquire the outflow tracts, 4 chamber view and 3 vessel view of the heart
  • Perform a duplex evaluation of the umbilical artery and middle cerebral artery
  • Evaluate the upper and lower extremities for abnormalities
  • Understand the importance of accurate measurements
  • Perform a biophysical profile
  • Evaluate the placenta and cervix for position and abnormalities
  • Properly evaluate twin pregnancies