Introduction to Ultrasound for Primary Care Hands-On Training

Course Summary

This course is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other allied health professionals interested in basic point-of-care ultrasound. General ultrasound physics and instrumentation will be covered to assist you in correctly interpreting the information you gather during your scan. This course will include subject areas such as the gallbladder and biliary tree, kidneys, aorta, thyroid and a DVT exam. You will learn the specialized skills needed to evaluate these organs effectively. Course content can be tailored to meet your specific needs. During this course you will have the opportunity to practice your skills. Registrants will participate in hands-on scanning labs either in a classroom-based teaching environment with live models or at your own facility. We provide an integrated learning approach consisting of lecture, demonstrations and hands-on scanning.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the aorta including proximal, mid, and distal segments in sagittal and transverse planes.
  • Identify aortic pathology including aneurysm and dissection.
  • Perform a basic abdominal aorta screening exam.
  • Evaluate the gallbladder and biliary ducts.
  • Identify gallbladder pathology including gallstones, sludge, polyps and edematous wall.
  • Evaluate the kidneys in sagittal and transverse planes
  • Accurately measure the kidneys.
  • Identify renal pathology including hydronephrosis and calculi.
  • Perform a complete DVT exam.
  • Identify acute and chronic DVT as well as Baker’s Cysts.
  • Evaluate the thyroid and lateral neck.
  • Identify nodules and enlarged lymph nodes.

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Julie Gaston – BS, RDMS, RVT

Sample Case Discussion


Aorta Duplex

54 year old Hispanic male with no symptoms.