Course Summary

This course is designed to provide an introduction into the ultrasound evaluation of the cerebrovascular system, lower extremity arterial system and lower extremity venous system. An explanation of ultrasound physics is also included in this training. Attendees are given instruction on such topics as flow dynamics, Doppler shift, flow direction, and angle correction. Each day will begin with anatomy and physiology, scanning protocol, pathology and case study review. We will end each day with hands on scan lab to solidify the concepts learned in lecture.

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Course Objectives

  • Perform a carotid ultrasound exam
  • Identify the vertebral artery and direction of flow
  • Accurately describe plaque and abnormal findings
  • Perform a duplex evaluation of the lower extremity arteries
  • Perform an ABI exam with and without exercise
  • Understand pressure differences and stenosis criteria
  • Identify grafts, pseudonymous, and fistulas
  • Perform a duplex evaluation of the lower extremity veins
  • Identify DVT and superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Understand indications and limitations to vascular imaging
  • Understand Doppler physics and flow dynamics

CME Credits

This Course meets the SDMS CME Requirements for 18 Credits

Featured Case Study

Lower Extremity Arterial Exam
Lower Extremity Arterial Exam
As a new grad, I had only been working at Kaiser for about 1 month and was just starting to feel like I was getting the hang of things. One of my orders for the day was for a lower extremity arterial test with exercise…