Course Summary

The course evaluates the lower extremity venous system for insufficiency and thrombosis. Lecture includes Doppler physics, flow dynamics, anatomy, scanning protocol, endovascular intervention and post-procedure follow up. We teach a balanced approach of proper documentation performed in a timely manner. Each day consists of a combination of scan lab and lecture to provide a solid foundation for venous insufficiency assessment.

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Course Objectives

  • Identify normal lower extremity venous anatomy
  • Recognize common anatomic variants of lower extremity venous anatomy
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of normal venous physiology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of venous pathophysiology
  • Identify common abnormalities such as venous reflux and thrombosis
  • Properly document venous insufficiency for intervention
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of color Doppler and spectral imaging controls to confidently assess vascular flow direction
  • Understand basic equipment knobology for appropriate image optimization
  • Use appropriate exam protocols to obtain clinically diagnostic images
  • Understand the role of imaging in endovascular venous treatment and post-operative evaluation

CME Credits

This Course meets the SDMS CME Requirements for 12 Credits

Featured Case Study

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)