Mint will offer an online training course in OB Gyn Ultrasound

Last week was an exciting week at Mint Medical Education! Our clinical and production teams were working hard on the filming of our Introduction to OB Gyn Ultrasound training course. This will be the first ultrasound course Mint will be offering online. The featured faculty for the online course is Tony Filly, MD.  Dr. Filly is Board certified in Internal Medicine from Duke, did his Radiology Residency at Stanford University, and completed his Fellowship at UCSF in ultrasound with the focus being on OB Ultrasound. “My approach is generally to keep things simple, keep things relevant and keep it real. My goal would be to show real cases in entirety or near entirety. They aren’t always perfect and aren’t always pretty. Things you are going to see and deal with in the real world,” says Filly.


Julie Gaston BS, RDMS, RVT leads Mint Medical’s Ultrasound Education program and is also a featured trainer in both the live course and the online course. Michele Claussen BS, RDMS, RVT is a part of the clinical training team that helps in the delivery of this course.

This online ultrasound course covers all the key components of Mint’s live, hands-on training course including the non-gravid pelvic exam, the first trimester dating exam, 2nd trimester biometry and growth assessment along with biophysical profile, AFI, placenta and cervical length. It includes lecture, scan lab demonstration and case study review.  The online course features ultrasound systems from Philips Healthcare and it will be available for purchase in early August.

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  1. vahid zahiri
    / Says:

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity. I was wondering if you also have the option of registering for email updates and news from your site please?

    Many thanks
    kind regards

    • mintmedical
      / Says:

      Hi Vahid,

      We will add you to our email list. Thank you for your inquiry! Have a great weekend. Elizabeth

  2. Natasha Bennett, RVT, RCS
    / Says:

    I too would love to be added to your email list. Sounds like Mint will be a wonderful company to recommend to new sonographers. Do you offer CME’s?

    • mintmedical
      / Says:

      Hi Natasha-Yes we do offer CME credits through the SDMS. Some courses offer AMA credits as well. We will add you to our email list. Thank you for your inquiry!

  3. Shazia
    / Says:

    Hello, good day!
    I have 1 year experience in ob as well as general and vascular ultrasound do u provide online courses? Which may. Help me to increase my certification and knowledge in ultrasound please..

    • mintmedical
      / Says:

      Hello Shazia,

      Yes, we will be launching the online Intro to OB/GYN Ultrasound course in a few weeks. It will be available for purchase in early August. We will be producing other courses as well. We will keep you posted on what our next course selection will be!

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