Interpreting 500 Vascular Case Studies: A New Approach to Meeting the RPVI Prerequisite

Are you interested in obtaining the Register Physicians’ Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) credential? Concerned about being able to meet the necessary prerequisites to apply for the RPVI exam? Mint Medical has a tool that can help!

If you are not an interpreting physicians for an IAC (ICAVL) accredited vascular lab, chances are you might need to work at obtaining the interpretation experience required to apply for the RPVI exam. The ARDMS Prerequisite B2 requires applicant to “be able to document interpretation experience with a minimum of 500 vascular laboratory studies.” These studies should be distributed over the various testing areas which include Carotid Duplex ultrasound, Transcranial Doppler, Peripheral Arterial Duplex ultrasound, Venous Duplex ultrasound and Visceral Vascular Duplex ultrasound. case-study-lower-extremity-03

Mint Medical is launching their online Vascular Interpretation Preceptorship (VIP)-Ultrasound Case Review system which allows physicians access to 500 diagnostic, vascular cases across Carotid, Venous, Arterial and Abdominal scans. This tool allows doctors to practice and refine their interpretation skills, and meets a key prerequisite for the RPVI exam. The VIP-Ultrasound Case Review is available for purchase on its own or is included with registration to the 3 day VIP course, offered in Mint’s San Francisco training center. The best part about this tool is it is available online anytime through Mint’s powerful and convenient Learning Management System.

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  1. Faye
    / Says:

    Is this a physician credentialing only and is this a requirement for ICVL accredited labs?

    • mintmedical
      / Says:

      Hello Faye. The RPVI credential is for physicians only, but anyone is welcome to utilize the VIP – Ultrasound Case Review system for CME or for personal enrichment/experience. If a lab is seeking ICAVL accreditation from the IAC the medical director must interpret 100 extracranial cerebrovascular, 100 intracranial cerebrovascular, 100 peripheral arterial physiologic, 100 peripheral arterial duplex, 100 venous duplex and 75 visceral vascular duplex studies in either a formal setting (a fellowship), an established practice or through informal training. This course is considered informal training.

  2. Louis Naymik RDMS
    / Says:

    I am RDMS and currently studying for my vascular credential. This would help a great deal in my career and make me a better Sonographer.

    Best regards,

    Louis Naymik RDMS

  3. josephine tityiwe
    / Says:

    Is this course only meant for physicians. I am a practising sonographer and feel that I could benefit from it too.

    • mintmedical
      / Says:

      Hello Josephine,

      Anyone is welcome to utilize the VIP – Ultrasound Case Review system for CME or for personal enrichment/experience.