Dr. Anthony Filly (M.D.) was initially board certified in Internal Medicine from Duke University.  After practicing as an internist, he then switch paths and completed his residency in Radiology at Stanford University and his Fellowship at University of California San Francisco in Ultrasound with the focus in Obstetrics.

While Dr. Filly continues to teach residents at Stanford as an adjunct clinical professor and lecture yearly at the UCSF Radiology review course, as Head of Ultrasound at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, he considers himself a community radiologist at heart.

His approach is generally to keep things simple, relevant and realistic.  Dr. Filly’s goal when teaching is to show real cases in their entirety or near entirety.  They aren’t always perfect or pretty, but rather are representative of the day to day things you will actually encounter in practice, rather than the esoteric entities you often hear about in lectures.