A Legacy of Care

For more than twenty years, the team at Mint Medical has dedicated their careers to the healthcare industry. From medical product distribution to mobile and fixed diagnostic imaging services, to vascular laboratory services and now medical education, our experience and passion for quality in healthcare is longstanding and deeply rooted.

Ultrasound has evolved as an increasingly dominant technology for diagnosis, treatment and preventive care. Ultrasound machines provide radically improved image quality and a more expansive list of valuable clinical applications at a fraction of the cost from just a few years ago. Meanwhile the user base of ultrasound has grown to include medical professionals across practice areas and disciplines. With our long history in imaging and ultrasound services, we were acutely aware of the need for high quality training and education for users of ultrasound technology. So in late 2012 we acquired Onsite Ultrasound, a specialty provider of hands on ultrasound training solutions. Now, we are pleased to announce our new company format, offering ultrasound medical laboratory services through our Vascular Services Division, and continuing medical education programs in ultrasound, radiology services, and beyond through our Mint Medical Education division.

We look forward to serving your needs for continuing medical education, continuous performance improvement, and helping you to deliver quality care for your patients.

Education and Services

Innovation in medical products and technologies creates enormous opportunities for physicians and other medical professionals to improve care for their patients. Whether you are looking for a group with deep expertise in the imaging industry to help your practice or hospital manage your imaging service’s needs, or for a focused and engaging approach to medical education and performance improvement in the application of ultrasound technology, Mint Medical can help.


Our Mission

To improve the quality and efficacy of healthcare through education and training on applications of the latest medical technologies, and deliver our services to healthcare practitioners in a reliable, remarkable and engaging fashion.

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