We offer various learning tools to help you prepare for the RPVI examination, whatever your learning style.

“This was a fantastic review, simple enough to understand the basic concepts of ultrasound physics.” – Cardiologist “Overall good tool for learning to read carotid US studies” – Vascular Surgeon

Vascular Interpretation Preceptorship Online


A comprehensive series of online vascular ultrasound lectures and presentations from our live Vascular Interpretation Preceptorship course. They are designed to prepare you for the RPVI exam.

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Ultrasound Case Review: 500 or 120 Cases

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An online library of vascular ultrasound cases for interpretation and assessment. Use to test your skills for the RPVI exam and prepare for the new PACSim questions. Choose 500 or 120 cases.
UCR 500 UCR 120
Price: $1,250 Price: $395
space UCR 500 includes free access to
the Vascular Interpretation Preceptorship Online Course
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