Mint Medical Announces a New Name and Medical Education Division; Company Rides Wave of Expanding Ultrasound Uses

May 20, 2013 – Mint Medical is the new name for a company that has been providing diagnostic imaging services to medical groups and hospital partners since 1998. Formerly known as BMC Diagnostics, the company was one of the fastest growing companies in the SF Bay Area before an acquisition by Health Diagnostics in 2007. The company spun back out from Health Diagnostics in late 2011, and today announced fresh branding with a new website, a medical education division, and a new training facility in downtown San Francisco.

Mint Medical’s leadership is taking its years of experience providing imaging services to innovate in the booming field of online training and to give physicians and allied health professionals the opportunity to learn new ways to use ultrasound.

“Ultrasound is an exciting medical technology which use is exploding among cardiologists, vascular surgeons, specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, and many non-traditional users,” explains Brad Hummel, Mint Medical CEO. “With our long history in medical imaging and ultrasound services, we were acutely aware of the need for high-quality training and education for users of ultrasound technology.” So in late 2012, the company acquired a specialty provider of hands-on ultrasound training solutions, based in Monterey, California.

“Every day we’re seeing new uses for inexpensive, handheld ultrasound devices that allow medical providers to diagnose and treat patients in their offices, faster and at less cost than ever before. With our ultrasound services, we apply that technology toward patient care each day, and now with our medical education division, we will provide doctors and other health professionals the training they need to provide even better patient care using ultrasound and other medical technologies.”

Mint Medical Education, the new education division of Mint Medical, provides hands-on training courses on applications of ultrasound technology for cardiovascular health, women’s health and point-of-care medicine. Traditional hands-on courses will soon be supplemented by online education provided through a proprietary Learning Management System launching in Summer 2013.

Mint Medical purchased Onsite Ultrasound in the Fall of 2012 and has continued to provide ultrasound services and training sessions at its Monterey facility, while planning a new set of courses at the new training center at 325 Sacramento Street in San Francisco. Onsite founder Julie Gaston BS, RDMS, RVT has remained with the company as Vice President of Ultrasound Education.

Mint’s classes are accredited by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and provide continuing medical education credits for physicians. Mint’s new courses will be sponsored jointly for American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award (AMA/PRA) credits while Mint undergoes the process of becoming an AMA-accredited provider of Category I AMA/PRA CME courses.

Mint Medical continues to provide ultrasound and vascular laboratory management services for medical groups and hospitals throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas, and will scan more than 20,000 patients this year.

The company will soon be expanding to provide custom training and performance improvement programs for medical practices and hospital groups. It is building a case study management system designed for learning assessment and performance improvement.

Website and new business headquarters

Along with launching new websites for its ultrasound services and education divisions, Mint has just moved into new corporate headquarters at 44 Montgomery Street in San Francisco.

See Mint Medical’s new website ( for more information about the company and the services it offers. Check back often at Mint Medical Education’s website ( as new training programs are added regularly to the schedule and new content of interest to ultrasound users is added to the website.