Ultrasound training for Nurse-Midwives

Ultrasound, for the most part, is considered an expanded midwifery procedure and can further the services offered with the scope of the practice.  Ultrasound allows a midwife to monitor things like heart rate and movement or detect the possibility of twins.  In addition, midwives who perform ultrasound examinations should be eligible for reimbursement for these services.

Any practitioner providing ultrasound exams should have the appropriate training and be able to demonstrate they have mastered the skills required to perform an accurate exam.  However, today ultrasound is not considered a Core Competency for most certified nurse-midwife education programs, so midwives who wish to incorporate ultrasound in their practice often need to find training on their own.  The American College of Nurse-Midwives published a Position Statement on Midwives’ Performance of Ultrasound in Clinical Practice that includes recommendations when looking for ultrasound training programs.

IMG_0353Mint Medical offers a hands-on Introduction to OB Gyn ultrasound training course.  This course is intended for physician, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners seeking training in the limited first trimester ultrasound scan and the 3rd trimester evaluation.   The coursework and scan lab also cover the non-gravid pelvic exam and the 2nd trimester biometry and growth assessment.

In September, Mint will release an online version of their live Introduction to OB Gyn Ultrasound course.  Mint’s online course is broken up into 3 modules: The Basics of Image Orientation, Demystifying the Second Trimester Scan and the First Trimester Screening Ultrasound.  Each training module will take you through a lecture, scan lab demonstration, and case study review session.  If you are interested in a sneak preview of the online Introduction to OB Gyn course, you can access a free sample of the course today.





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