Washington Hospital Screening Event

We were so excited about the Washington Hospital screening event last weekend. Our partnership with Fremont Bank and Washington Hospital has lasted for ten years; providing our Registered Vascular Technologists and ultrasound machines to screen 150 people for aortic aneurysm and stroke risk. It is a free clinic service that Fremont Bank sponsored after their chairman, Morris Hyman, was diagnosed with an aneurysm during a back x-ray. Well this year, with the launch of our new services and education and ultrasound training company, we decided to create a documentary of the event. Here at Mint Medical, we are big on the trend toward preventive care; something that is long overdue in this country. Events like this one are fantastic opportunities to not only give back to the community, but to showcase the importance of ultrasound technology and technique, as an important tool in preventive care.

Look out for our video and story on the event coming in the next few weeks.

–Brad Hummel, CEO, Mint Medical

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